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The Healing Power of Sound

Excerpts from the article authored by:
Simon Heather BSoc.Sc, MBAcC, MCOH

The History of Sound Healing

Sound has been used as a healing force for thousands of years. All ancient civilizations used sound for healing. Traditional cultures still surviving today understand the remarkable healing power that lies in sound.

In the Bible we are told that David played his harp to lift King Saulís depression. Egyptian papyri over 2,600 years old refer to incantations as cures for infertility and rheumatic pain.

The ancient Greeks believed music had the power to heal body and soul. They used the flute and the lyre for treating illnesses such as gout and sciatica. It is reported that Alexander the Greatís sanity was restored by music played on the lyre. There is an ancient Greek saying, ĎMen have song as a physician for pain.í

Pythagoras used special songs and incantations with particular melodies and rhythms, to cure diseases of the body and mind.
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