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Wisdom of All

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Oh, how the mind conceives the thought
With restlessness your heart is wrought

For there is a just and kingly goal
Distant--yet touching your crying soul

Be burdened not by task and deed
Lest you be lost to the greater creed

Inspired by self and the knowing within
Shall you pass the haunt, the doom of the din

Listen dear child to thy self sovereign and wise
Heed not to temptation, deception and lies

For it is the tear of joy that you shall weep
When the Promise you vow, you do keep

And when you reach and court the dream
With God's love stand thou supreme

Deception takes not your abiding soul
You have reached a kingly goal

As many may doubt and may berate
You shall prevail for love is thy fate

Guide the children, know their call
With God's tender love and wisdom of all.