Apogee Learning Enhancement Training Systems

APOGEE™ and the third domain

APOGEE™, founded in 1983 by Rose Marie Raccioppi, is a system of learning and educational therapy that considers the visual, auditory, motor, psychological, attitudinal, kinesthetic, cognitive, biochemical, nutritional, neurological, educational, environmental, vibrational and reciprocal factors that relate to learning and creativity. It addresses the Academics and the Arts.

APOGEE™ A Holistic Paradigm

APOGEE™ creates an educational milieu that:
  1. Permits the learner to explore freely
  2. Integrates the academics, the arts and sport or recreational activities
  3. Assists the learner to understand the consequences of his/her actions or choices.
  4. Paces learning experiences within the environment at a rate and style determined by the learner
  5. Makes full use of the individual's capacity for discovering and making interconnections with his/her physical, emotional, social and cultural world.

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