Apogee Learning Enhancement Training Systems

Rose Marie has been an educator for over forty years. Her experience as an Elementary class room teacher, college instructor, vocational evaluator, teacher trainer, learning disabilities specialist, administrator, and mother of three sons has taught her the meaning of learning and the joy of teaching.

Viewing learning as a life long path, Rose Marie, in addition to her continuing graduate work, has studied Behavioral Kinesiology, Therapeutic Touch, Tai Chi Chuan and Yoga Science.

APOGEE™ is a synthesis of Rose Marie's experiences and understanding of the principles, concepts and practices of Eastern and Western approaches to education and self development.

For the last two decades Rose Marie has explored the anatomy of sound. She has used Attunement Therapy™ and Acu-Tone™ to foster a state of well being, and at the same time to enhance the development of the academic skills of